February 4-10, 2018

Parish Newsletter

Please see our pre-Lent newsletter, in a separate post. Here are some additional announcements.

Vestry reports deadline Feb. 8 

Officers and committee heads are requested to email their reports for 2017 to Rev. Jason by midnight February 8. The full 2017 report will be available for members to take away after the service a week before the February 25 Annual Meeting. Any questions they have may be raised from the floor of the meeting.

InuktitutNG classes coming to St. Margaret’s.

InuktitutNG is an introductory class in the culture and language of Canadian Inuit taught by Martha Flaherty and Beverly Illauq to promote intercultural awareness and understanding. The program covers a wide variety of topics such as, vocabulary, basic conversation, (Inuktitut) syllabics writing, Inuit world views, history, hunting, travelling, music, literature, family concepts and other social structures, and Inuit organizations. The 5 sessions will begin Friday, Feb 23 and run until Friday, March 23, 2018. Cost per person: $295. Registration link: http://www.alkeventmanagement.ca/inuktitutng.html

Why Beauty Matters: Lenten Study 

Using the video presentations of Roger Scruton, explore the such themes as: Time, Death and Eternity; Why Beauty Matters; On Moral Relativism; On Religion as inextricable aspect of the human condition; The True, the Good, and the Beautiful; The Religion of Rights. Each session is self- contained, come to one or all. Refreshments provided. February 20 – March 20, Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm, St. Barnabas, Ottawa, 70 James Street